Paranda परांदा New Garhwali Song 2020

Paranda Garhwali song Download [ Free Mp3 Download]

Hay Hay Teru Paranda Garhwali Song Download . Paranda mp3 download song for free. Paranda is a garhwali song sing by Daksh Nautiyal and Anisha Ranghar. download for free

Paranda Garhwali song Download
  • Singer:- Daksh Nautiyal & Anisha Ranghar
  • Artist– Mahendra Nawabi & Mahi Shah
  • Song :- Hay Hay Teru Paranda
  • Director – Satish Arya
  • Cinematographer – Navi Barthwal
  • Ass.Camera – Shivam Mamgain
  • Producer – {Sanjeev _Negi,sanju}
  • Co-Producer – {Satpal Kathait}
  • Video by – Navi Bartwal (Aryan Films)

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